How adventurous Himmelsberg is! The first evening, Anna Lena, a girl from Frankfurt, discovers the 1020-year-old dance linden tree, which can talk and promises to tell her the village's many stories. A lively friendship unfolds between the wise, occasionally obstinate old tree and the curious little girl. Anna Lena explores the village, tries on a traditional costume, finds a treasure, sees a wild man, strolls along secret paths and goes to a hidden place. However, her parents' constant fighting overshadows her stay. Once Anna Lena can't bear it anymore, she runs away. She realizes it's time to start growing up …


  1. The kraken tree
  2. The wild man
  3. Duties and stories
  4. A great surprise
  5. The treasure
  6. Traditional costumes and peacock feathers
  7. The bread miracle
  8. Bread farts
  9. Grain shacks, fleeing mice and pecking contests
  10. On secret paths
  11. The secret place
  12. Escape
  13. Returning home
  14. The end and the beginning