The author Ute Schneidewindt

Ute Verena Schneidewindt, born in 1973, loves her home of Schleswig-Holstein. Having arrived in Marburg through her studies in Geography, she now feels at home in the historical city on the Lahn river. After finishing her studies, she discovered writing during an internship at a daily newspaper in Marburgs French partner-town Poitiers, after which she started a project in the city administartion press office in Marburg. However, Ute Verena Schneidewindt had started collecting ideas and images for her stories much earlier. Among other things she did before her studies, she acted as assistant director for a four-week production at the theater "Kleines Theater" in Bad Godelsberg. Furthermore, she lived in Salt Lake City and San Francisco for several months, and worked in Bordeaux for a year. "Heaven's Hill" is her first book and was released at the time of renewal of the Kirchhain part of Himmelsberg.

The illustrator Eva Saarbourg

Eva Saarbourg, born in 1965, has illustrated several children's books. From an early age, she had great enthusiam for illustrating. After majoring in Art at school she studied Graphic Design in Würzburg and is now working as a free-lance graphic designer in the printing and web sector.

The Narrator Hans Josef  Schöneberger

Hans-Josef Schöneberger is a trained biologist and molecular biologist. Since his doctoral in the field of tumor research he has been working as a free-lance TV-journalist, author and narrator (audio books, documentaries, commercials). For many years he worked for regional TV-Stations such as HR (Hesse) and MDR (Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia) as a film author, film narrator and news anchor. At present the two-time father commutes between Berlin and Marburg pursuing voice acting, among other endeavors. He is a published author of dialog books and works as a dialog director in the frame of English-to-German dubbing of documentaries.

The producer Hans Hermann Groß

Hans-Hermann Groß studied Electrical Engineering. Since the year 2000 he has been running the Dreamland Recording Studio, where he produces audio books and music. He is also doing web designs. This website for example designed by him. He also designed the booklet, inlays and label of the audio book.